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16 thoughts on “behind glass

  1. I love the little chairs. You’re now officially the Andy Warhol of little chairs with little grass. But seriously, I think this is great. And i know how making all of them must have made you giggle, and that makes me happy.

  2. There was a tiny little man telling me a tiny little story in a tiny little chair. He had to leave for a moment, but he hasn’t been back yet…

  3. Amazing. Never have I been so proud to eat so many pickles. I can’t wit to see them in person.

    Also, I think that each little jar represents someone’s “happy place”. Their little white chair in the middle of nowhere, completely isolated, but more like other people than they think.

    • I’ve never been more proud of someone for eating so many pickles! Thank you!
      I’m glad you see a positive in the sameness/isolation/nowhereness – that was totally my intention

  4. “Looks like something that would be on the cover of an album.
    Indeed, that [tiny chairs] would be a good album name.”

    Comment from my friend who looked at this post.

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